2015 Membership Application

Your dues have served the Second District Officers & Community Outreach by allowing us to provide and support the website at www.seconddistrictpolice.com; which includes District Crime Stats, biographies of ‘Officers of the Month,’ and maps of the District showing each neighborhood.

Your dues also help maintain three police bikes for the district.

Additionally, we have underwritten the Traffic Radar Trailers, Educational Scholarship Grants, recognized the excellence of District Officers Monthly, and enjoyed the Annual Officer of the Year Awards Luncheon.

We appreciate your membership and would ask you to encourage other businesses within the Second District to join us as members.

Click Here to download our 2015 Membership Application, complete the lower portion of the and return with your membership dues. Your membership is tax deductible, Mo. Tax ID # 15366111

If you have any questions please contact P.O. Don Veile, Community Outreach Officer for the Second District at 314-444-0168 or dlveile@slmpd.org