Officers of the Month 2015

January 2015:

Officers Jonathan Vanarsdale & Steven Fanz made a combined total of 10 arrests with 87 charges. In one such incident these officers made a vehicle stop for an expired license plate. During the course of the investigation they observed a loaded pump action shotgun with a wooden stock wedged between the front passenger seat and center console and a clear plastic baggie containing 14 capsules of Heroine. The suspect was subsequently arrested for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Violation of the Missouri Control Substance Law. A search incident to arrest also revealed the suspect to be in possession of a pair of Brass Knuckles. Congratulations Officers Vanarsdale and Fanz.

February 2015:

Officer Melissa Chavez responded to a call for shots fired in the 41xx block of Botanical. Her investigation revealed that an intoxicated resident became angry over the fact that one of his neighbors’s parked their car in a spot that he had previously shoveled the snow from earlier in the day. The intoxicated resident was taken into custody; however he became extremely belligerent and uncooperative. Further investigation revealed that the resident was a convicted felon. Armed with this information the Circuit Attorney issued charges for UUW/Felon in Possession and Intoxicated Person in Possession of a Firearm. Congratulations Officer Chavez.

March 2015:

Officer Wendell Ishmon while assigned to patrol in Forest Park monitored the broadcast of a Bank Robbery at the Regions Bank from the 35xx block of Hampton. A description was provided. Believing the suspect may travel north on Hampton towards Forest Park officer Ishmon position himself at Hampton and I-64, within seconds the suspect and his vehicle were spotted entering the westbound ramp onto I-64. Officer Ishmon activated his emergency lights as he was traveling behind the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect sped up attempting to elude officer Ishmon, traveled over the grassy medium to avoid stopped traffic on the highway, exited the highway and continued to traveling into St. Louis County where he crashed his getaway vehicle and fled on foot. Officer Ishmon gave chase on foot until the suspect was captured. Eighteen Thousand Two Hundred Seven dollars was recovered; along with other evidentiary value. Had it not been for the diligent effort of Officer Ishmon, in concert with his policing and investigative skills, this suspect may have eluded capture and the money stolen, never recovered. Congratulations Officer Ishmon.

April 2015:

Officer Chavez and Jefferson were on patrol when they drove past a business in the 39XX block of Gravois that had recently had its exterior damage and it was boarded up. They observed two subjects standing next to a hole where some of the boards had been forcibly removed. The officers took note the subjects were carrying items away from the business as well as the subject’s mannerisms, as they were obviously alarmed by the presence of the police. The officers stopped and detained these subjects discovering that they had just burglarized the business. Both subjects had criminal records and had outstanding warrants for their arrest. All the property stolen was recovered and returned to its rightful owner. Congratulations Officers Chavez and Jefferson.

May 2015:

Officer Smith and Backer made 19 on view Felony arrest for Violation of the Missouri Control Substance Law. These officers used these arrests to prepare Search Warrants thus reducing the flow of illegal narcotics into the Second District, especially the Tower Grove South Neighborhood. Their proactive efforts during their tour of duty help identify those who benefit from criminal activity. Congratulations Officer Smith and Backer.

June 2015:

Officer Muehlheausler and Wall during the month of June made a total of 19 arrests one of which involved a domestic incident where the victim was held against her will, flourished and violently assaulted with a handgun. The victim managed to escape her captor and call police. Upon their arrival the suspect was apprehended without incident. The suspect was charge with Kidnapping, UUW-Exhibiting, Assault 2nd, Armed Criminal Action and Felon in Possession of a Firearm. The suspects bond was set at $250,000. Congratulations Officer Muehlheausler and Wall.

July 2015:

Officer Backer and Smith for the month of July made a total of 24 arrests resulting in 56 total charges. There proactive police investigations help stop nuisance properties from developing thus reducing the sales and trafficking of narcotics within the district commonly known to lead to other crimes of theft and burglary that plague neighborhoods. Congratulations Officer Backer and Smith.

August 2015:

Officer Roberts responded to the 36XX block of Utah for an alarm sounding. Upon climbing the security fence he notice pry marks on the side garage door. Officer Roberts entered the garage and noticed a suspect hiding under the work bench. The suspect was arrested with charges being issued for Burglary 2nd, Property Damage 1st and possession of Burglary Tools. Further investigation revealed the suspect to be involved in other burglaries throughout the Tower Grove South area and being charged for these as well. In addition since graduating from the Academy in December 2014, Officer Roberts received the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) 2015 “Heroes for Heroes” Award for his relentless dedication in keeping intoxicated drivers off the streets of St. Louis. Congratulations Officer Roberts.

September 2015:

Officer Gruswitz ending the month of September with 57 arrests totaling 46 felony charges. One of these involved suspects casing the parking lots of Hampton Village, Target and the Bank of American. His suspicious was raised when a license check revealed the plate to be suspended. He stopped the vehicle and observed drug paraphernalia in plain view. Computer check on the occupants revealed an active parole violation along with possessing heroin capsules. Inventory search of the vehicle revealed items stolen from a burglary. Officer Gruswitz’s initiative and his attention to the suspicious activity of these suspects resulted in the arrest of two suspects who were obviously casing the area to commit additional crimes to fund their drug habit. Congratulations Officer Gruswitz.

October 2015:

Officer Davis responded to a 30 year class Reunion at Bishop DuBourg High School for a report of several purses and cell phones that were stolen as former students were taking a class photo. Officer Davis review surveillance tape and identified a male suspect carrying a large purse out of the school’s main entrance. This subject was a companion to one of the classmates attending the reunion. After locating the suspect, a search of the suspects vehicle was conducted which yield a set of keys belonging to a victim who was attending the reunion. Further investigation revealed that the suspect had driven his car home and placed the stolen items at his house. All the items stolen were located and return to their rightful owners. The suspect was booked with charges being issued. Congratulations Officer Terry Davis.

November 2015:

Officer Davis while working department overtime in the Hampton Village shopping district observed a subject matching a description of a “Purse Snatching” that had occurred in the 56XX block of Tholozan walking on the Target parking lot. A pedestrian stop and computer search revealed an outstanding traffic warrant and failure to appear in St. Louis County. Witnesses came forward and revealed that this subject was not the suspect who committed the purse snatching, however while at the station booking the subject for his traffic warrants a positive hit from Madison County, Illinois revealed that this subject was a person of interest in a homicide from their jurisdiction. Further investigation by the Illinois Major Case Squad revealed that this subject was the person they were looking for and booked the suspect for Murder Charges from their jurisdiction. Congratulations Officer Davis your commitment to the residents and businesses of the Second District has earned you the title Officer of the Month for November 2015.

December 2015:

Officer Wall and Niethe during the month of December arrested a suspect after they observed him stealing a delivered package from the front porch of a residence. Further investigation revealed four other victims and a witness. The suspect confessed to his crimes and four charges of stealing were issued by the Circuit Attorney’s office. Additional these officers conducted a traffic stop and revealed that the driver was in possession of a Kel-Tec 9mm pistol which was stolen from St. Louis County. They also conducted a “Consent to Search” in a separate incident that resulted in $3000.00 in cash, 5 pounds of marijuana, THC in pure form, amphetamine and Xanax being seized. Congratulations Officer Wall and Niethe your commitment to the residents and businesses of the Second District has earned them the title Officer of the Month for December 2015.

2015 Awards Luncheon

The Second District Police Business Association is hosting its Annual Awards Luncheon at the Electrical Workers Local No. 1 Hall, located at 5850 Elizabeth Ave, St. Louis, Missouri. The luncheon is on Tuesday, March 10, 2015. Doors open at 11:00 A.M., lunch 11:30 A.M.

Your generosity and support in the past with purchasing tickets for the ceremony makes this all possible. We hope you can do the same this year.

This year’s guest speaker is Joe Buck, Fox Sports Broadcaster.

For tickets or to donate, please download this form and return it to:

P.O. Don Veile / Judi Schulz
C/O The Second District Police Business Association
3157 Sublette Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63139

Again, thank you for all the support and we hope to see you at the luncheon.


P.O. Don Veile

Second District Community Outreach Officer

Annual Awards Luncheon February 25, 2014

The Second District Police Business Association is hosting its Annual Awards Luncheon at the Electrical Workers Local No. 1 Hall, located at 5850 Elizabeth Ave, St. Louis, Missouri. The luncheon is on Tuesday, February 25, 2014. Doors open at 11:00 A.M., lunch 11:30 A.M.

Your generosity and support in the past with purchasing tickets for the ceremony makes this all possible. We hope you can do the same this year.

This year’s guest speaker is Bernie Miklasz, Lead Sports Columnist at the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Tickets are $25 per person or $250 for a table of 10.  To purchase tickets download and print the order form or call 314-444-0168.

Again, thank you for all the support and we hope to see you at the luncheon.


Fraud Alert: Boston Marathon Charity Scams

Fraud Alert: Boston Marathon Charity Scams

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (USCERT), a division of Homeland Security, today (4/17/2013) released a warning to all Americans to beware of malicious actors, scammers, spammers, and other criminals attempting to solicit money in response to the bombing attach at the Boston marathon. Historically, these criminals have attempted to capitalize on major news events by registering fake domain names related to the events. Their goal is to trick you into sending money to them while you believe you are assisting the victims of this tragedy.


In addition to fake domains, malicious actors may also create fake social media accounts with similar criminal intent. For example, Twitter Account @_BostonMarathon was created within hours of the bombing place. The persons creating this account stated they would donate $1.00 to the victims for each retweet. The actual Boston Marathon Twitter Account is @BostonMarathon. The fake Twitter Account has since been suspended, but the possibility that similar social media accounts will surface remains high.


USCERT recommends that all persons looking to donate money in support of those affected by this event rely on official disaster relief and fundraising charities with which you are familiar. Any email you receive purporting to show photographs of the bombing or victims may be an attempt to introduce malware into your system. Never click on a link sent to you about a tragedy. If you wish too learn more it is safest to go to your regular trusted news sources rather than conduct general search engine inquiries.


If you have any questions regarding a charitable solicitation related to the Boston Marathon Bombing, please contact the Fraud Prevention Taskforce Hotline at 314-612-1412 before responding.